What is Genix and how to use the App

You might have been hearing about Geniex or you are currently using the Geniex internet app to access the internet on your android phone.

Before I explain how you can use the app, let me quickly introduce the app to those that are new to the app or are only hearing about it without them trying it out yet.

What is Geniex?

Geniex: Geniex is an internet provider that offers thousands of internet users different ways to connect to the internet always.

You don’t need to buy a new SIM card to browse the internet on Geniex cause the app will automatically connect to the best and most stable local 4G network.

Geniex app is a new mobile app recently released to the google play store on June 29 2022 but since then, this app has gotten more than 50.000 installs on the google play store alone.

Geniex offers different ways to get free data in Nigeria, one of the most popular ways to get free data on the Geniext app in Nigeria is by login in daily and claiming login coins.

After having enough coins you can redeem free data on this app just like using real money to purchase data on the app to browse and surf thousands of websites.

And not only that, you can buy data on the app to be used to surf the internet by following all the instructions in this article.

How to use Geniex App

In other to start using the Geniex internet app to browse millions of websites around the world, you need to download the app from the google play store by clicking here on your android phone cause the app is yet to be released on Apple or any other operating system.

After installing this app, you have to give it all permissions the app asked from you for you to start using this internet app.

Geniex currently has only 3 payment methods which are Palmpay, Barter by Flutterwave, and OK card by palmpay.

To buy data on the Geniex app, you have to fund your palmpay or flutterwave wallet either by bank transfers, USSD, Debit card, or cash deposit.

In other to fund any of these payment apps accepted by Geniex, you will also need to download the app on the google play store or on their websites.

After downloading palmpay, click on sign up and register with your mobile number which will be used as your account number if you want to fund your wallet with a bank transfer, you can simply use this registered mobile number as your palmpay account number.

You also need to fill in your name which matches your documents cause fake names aren’t allowed since you will undergo KYC on the app by providing them your BVN as required by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

They will probably ask for your referral code which is most likely to be optional though, but if you want to get the sign-up bonus you should provide them a referral code. You can use my referral code E1U02X.

After signing up on Palmpay, you can now fund your wallet with a Bank transfer, Bank card, USSD, QR code, or Bank account funding which isn’t yet available for all Nigerian banks.

After funding your Palmpay wallet with any of these payment methods, you can proceed to purchase data on the Geniex app with your palmpay balance.

After having some data on your Geniex app balance, you can now click on connect and Geniex will choose the fastest network for you automatically.

How to get free data on Geniex App

You can get free data on the Geniex app either by logging in daily, Subscribing to data plans and getting bonuses, or just playing games on the app.


Geniex is an amazing internet app you can use on your android phone to surf the internet without the need to buy a new SIM card to connect to the internet like other Nigerian data networks.

You can download the Geniex app on the google play store or their website Geniex.com.

Thanks for reading this article to the end, if you have any questions you can simply contact me by filling out the form on our contact page or commenting below.

Thank you.

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