How to get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria | Tribapay and alternatives

How to get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria

Here is how to get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria after the restriction placed on the Naira debit card regarding international transactions.

Since February of this year many Nigerian banks have put limits on how their users make international transactions, banks like Zenith, UBA, Sterling, and Union bank said their users could no more spend more than $20 monthly while the First bank announced that they stopped international transactions with naira debit card at the end of September.

This has forced many Nigerians to be finding how they can get a virtual dollar debit card that they can use to make international transactions without limit.

Many Nigerians want to make payments on Aliexpress, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, Facebook ads, Shopify, and many different international websites but with this limit on their naira debit card, they will be forced to get a dollar card in other to make payments of more than $20 on these platforms.

Before the announcement of the limitation of $20 on naira debit cards by some Nigerian banks, there are many Apps offering virtual dollar cards like Alat by Wema, Batter by Flutterwave, and so on but after this limitation, most of these platforms stopped this service.

But how can you get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria without all these platforms or alternative apps that offer virtual dollar cards in Nigeria?

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Don’t worry, in this article, I listed the top Apps you can get a Virtual dollar card in Nigeria other than Alat by Wema, Barter by Flutterwave, and other that has stopped this service.

1. TribaPay

You may have never heard about Tribapay cause this is a new app on the google play store that was just released a few months ago but has been doing wonders ever since it was released to the google play store in July 2022.

Tribapay has been helping Thousands of Nigerians make payments online with no restrictions and at a very cool rate of 705/$ which can consider a better rate when compares to the black market which now has a 740/$ rate.

Tribapay offers a free Virtual dollar card you can use to make payments on many platforms like Spotify, Shopify, Alibaba, Amazon, Apple Music, and Netflix or purchase on any websites that accept Mastercard and Visa debit cards.

To get Virtual dollars card on Tribapay is just so easy by just following the steps below:

  • Go to their website
  • Download their app on your Android, iPhone or use their web app to start the registration
  • Register by entering your details after you clicked on Sign up on the app
  • After successful registration, you need to verify your account
  • You can verify your account automatically by entering your BVN
  • Or do manual verification by entering your BVN, Name, Date of birth
  • Make sure all detail are correct and you will get an email sent to you after the review
  • Click on the card section and request for new virtual dollar card
  • That’s all, you can fund your account and start using your card for web payments.

By following these steps you can get a virtual dollar card in no time and start using it for your Apple music payment, Netflix, Amazon, Aliexpress, Spotify, Shopify, and any other international platform payments.

2. Chipper cash

Second, on my list is chipper cash I’m sure you have probably heard of chipper cash cause it has been operating for so many years now offering a great digital banking experience to many African countries.

Chipper cash now offers a free Virtual dollar card you can get on their app and use in making payments on Shopify, Spotify, Amazon, Aliexpress, Apple Music, Netflix, and other international websites or apps.

Chipper cash has a higher dollar rate compared to Tribapay but it offers a good user experience and makes the Virtual dollar card available to all irrespective of your financial status.

You earn 5% cashback anytime you make payments with a Chipper cash virtual dollar card anywhere VISA cards are accepted Globally.

To start using the Chipper cash virtual dollar card, follow the steps below:

  • Go to their website
  • Click on download to download their app for Android and IOS
  • Open the app and sign up
  • Verify your account by entering your correct address and phone number
  • Click on the claim card and request for virtual dollar card

Chipper cash is currently available in 7 countries which means you can send money to different countries with this app which I believe is a cool feature.

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You can also earn money on chipper cash by referring your friends and you can use my referral code when you are just signing up, My referral code is “UXBCD” and you should get a bonus after using it.

Download Chipper cash today to get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria.

These are the 2 I know that work well till date and I believe you won’t encounter any problem using them, another way of getting past the $20 limit on Nigerian bank cards is to start using Providus platinum or Diamond naira card.

Providus is a commercial bank like Zenith and other Nigerian banks, the limit on their own naira card is more than $1000 dollar though the rate will probably be like the black market rate or a little bit low to it.

You can register for a provides account at any Providus bank near you or download their form online and print it, you can submit it wherever you find their agent since they are yet to have many branches like other banks in the country.


I hope this article will help you get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria if you have any questions you can comment below and I will try to respond to you as fast as possible.

Alternatively, you can contact me by filling out the contact us form and I believe it will get to me.

Thank you.