How much adsterra pay for 1000 views? Check it out

How much adsterra pay for 1000 views

Are you currently using adsterra or have you just heard about it and just think like, yeah let me try it out but you are curious to know how much you can make for 1000 ad views on your website or blogs?

Do not worry cause in this article I will explain what you need to know about this before you start using this amazing ads network. Let’s get started.

How much does adsterra pay per 1000 views?

Adsterra pays $0.9 for 1000 views of Nigerian traffic as a minimum when you use the adsterra popunder ads format and get 1000 views of Nigerian users.

This tells you that you will surely get a minimum of $0.9 when you get thousand of Nigerian ad views and you can make more than $20 for this same traffic cause it depends on the ads displayed on your website.

You can’t earn $10 for 1000 views on a finance ad displayed on your website and still expect to make the same when entertainment ads are displayed.

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Your earnings depend on many things and if you want to make more than $50 for just 1000 ad views, you have to put many things into consideration such as:

1. Your website Niche

You can’t expect to make the $100 that a finance blogger makes on his blog, on your own entertainment niche blog even with the same traffic and the same ad format. No, it doesn’t work like that cause advertisers will surely pay different amounts for different ads they put on all websites.

A finance blogger can make as much as $50 for just one click while an entertainment can’t make up to $20 for a click even if the click was from a tier 1 country.’

So, if you want to use Adsterra make sure you consider this and choose the most profitable niche if you want to make it big on this ad network as a blogger.

2. Ads format

When it comes to adsterra, the format of your displayed ad really matters and this surely affects your earnings cause adsterra has different ads format you can choose from such as,

  • Popunder ads
  • Direct link
  • Native advertising
  • Vast video ads
  • Social bar
  • Display banners

This is the list of adsterra ads format currently more may be added later by the company or they may remove some in the future but that is the list for now.

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The adsterra popunder ads format is the most profitable of them all for publishers, while the Native banner ads format may have the lowest earning potential. Note that this doesn’t mean you can’t still make more money with the Native banner than the Popunder since your earnings depend on many factors.

As for me even though the popunder ads format used to have the highest CPM, I still prefer the display banner and Native banner ads format.

how much adsterra pay for 1000 views
here is how much adsterra pay for 1000 views

As you can see in this screenshot, I get a higher CPM on the popunder ads format with only 10 impressions while I get a lower CPM on those display banners, Native banners with a lot of impressions and clicks.

The reason, why I choose the Banner ads format over popunder, was because of the type of blog I used it on and some problems visitors of a website that uses popunder ads will face will not let me use popunder on my personal blog.

3. Visitors Geo

Visitors’ country really matters when it comes to how much adsterra pay for 1000 views cause you won’t make $60 on US, Australia, and UK 1000 ads views and make the same with India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Ghana ads views.

We all know advertisers will pay more for tier traffic and pay way less when it comes to third-world countries.


I hope this article helps you to understand how much adsterra pay for 1000 views and you can also check how to increase adsterra CPM in case you are getting some low CPM after doing the right things.

If you have any questions you can simply comment below or contact me and I will try to reply as fast as possible.

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Thank you.

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